Empowering others to succeed!


To empower others to succeed at their professional and organizational goals.


Coleman-Graham will be the consultant of choice for teams, organizations, businesses and government entities which need: 

Professional meeting facilitation services for environmental and agricultural issues.
Training to improve communication, conflict management and leadership skills. 
Alternative dispute resolution to aid in negotiating agreements.

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Rita Speaking

Rita Coleman Graham

Owner of COLEMAN-GRAHAM, a consulting business providing facilitation, training and alternative dispute resolution services to individuals, teams, organizations and businesses to empower them to succeed in their goals. 


Effective communication, sound relationships and teamwork create the framework for success. Equipped with experience in providing facilitation, training and alternative dispute resolution, I am eager to help you define and achieve your goals. 

My services include: 

  • Facilitation of constructive dialogue with diverse multi-parties  
    • Large and small stakeholder or public meetings/forums
    • Strategic planning and board development for nonprofit organizations
  • Skill building training customized to meet the needs of my clients   
    • Communication & team building 
    • DISC personality styles 
    • Conflict management 
    • Leadership development  
  • Assistance in the resolution of multi-party environmental or agricultural disputes  

I want to assist you, your business or organization to succeed in your goals and do your best in today’s rapidly evolving environment. 


Lately, the most sought-after service requested by COLEMAN-GRAHAM clients is Facilitation of potentially contentious public meetings for proposed renewable energy projects. Clients’ goals are to effectively communicate their message and project details to local residents and provide information to counter misinformation or misunderstandings. Facilitation and meeting moderation services created public forums to inform and engage the audience. Question and answer sessions solicited questions and gained responses from industry expert panelists. Please watch the featured video for meeting facilitation highlights.

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