What is facilitation and what are the services a facilitator provides?

By Rita Coleman Graham / December 22, 2018 /

“Facilitation” means to enable, to make easy. A facilitator is a neutral party who designs a fair, inclusive and open process to balance participation and improve productivity while creating a safe environment in which all group members can fully participate. Facilitation provides support so all voices are heard and understood and is particularly helpful when dealing with…

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Top 10 Scenarios of When to Use a Professional Facilitator

By Rita Coleman Graham / December 3, 2018 /

Consider using a professional facilitator when… …multi-party participation or decision making is critical. …balanced participation and building trust are required. …you need to be an active member of the discussion and dialogue. …time is of the essence and efficiency is a must. …strong opinions or emotions are anticipated. …your organization must effectively deliver its message…

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