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During my 35-year career with the Pa Department of Environmental Protection, I advanced from technical specialist in the fields of soil science and watershed management to the first woman program manager for the southwest region. During those years, I seized many opportunities to expand my capabilities by becoming a facilitator, mediator, college instructor, and communication and conflict resolution trainer. Moving through management positions, I applied those communication and leadership skills to empower staff and coworkers to be their best.  As a result, many of my staff were successfully promoted into higher and more influential leadership positions within the agency. There is great personal reward in empowering others to achieve success. This is what I want for you – success. I want to assist you and your business or organization to succeed at your goals and do your best in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

This is what I want for you – success.

My prior management experience motivates me to assist organizations, businesses and government agencies to expand and enhance their staff’s communication skills and conflict resolution strategies. One such strategy, environmental mediation, is an alternative I have practiced throughout my 35-year environmental career. In addition to my practical experience in addressing challenging resource issues, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of sound land use decisions which I gained through my education (Pennsylvania State University B.S. in Environmental Resource Management) and my life experience growing up on a small dairy farm.  My background combined with the facilitation and training I offer prepare me to assist you and your organization in moving forward to reach your full potential.

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Rita Coleman Graham

Effective communication, sound relationships, and teamwork create the framework for success. Equipped with experience in providing facilitation, training and alternative dispute resolution, I am eager to help you define and achieve your goals.

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