Facilitation of Constructive Dialogue

→ Public Meeting/Forum 
→ Strategic Planning  
→ Information Sharing 
→ Stakeholder Input 
→ Multi-party Decision Making

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Personal & Professional Development Training

→ Communication 
→ Team Building  
→ Conflict Management 
→ Leadership Development
→ Teen Leadership Camp

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

→ Environmental Issues
→ Agricultural Issues 
→ Resource Impacts 
→ Abandoned Mine Drainage 
→ Restoration/Corrective Action

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What is facilitation and what does a facilitator provide?

Facilitation means to enable, to make easy.

facilitator is a neutral party who designs a fair, inclusive and open process to balance participation and improve productivity while creating a safe environment in which all group members can fully participate. Facilitation provides support so all voices are heard and understood and is particularly helpful when dealing with controversial issues or matters involving multi-party decision making. The role of a facilitator is to help minimize wasted effort and dysfunctional group dynamics. A neutral facilitator enables groups and organizations to work more effectively, to collaborate and achieve synergy. 

Facilitation of Constructive Dialogue is to purposefully design and conduct multi-party, stakeholder or public meetings/sessions to achieve your objectives and accomplish your desired outcomes. Facilitation removes the discomfort, obstacles, dysfunctional behavior and overall heartburn commonly associated with preparing and conducting difficult meetings, information sharing for controversial projects/plans, large public forums, opinionated committee or work group meetings and stakeholder involvement roundtables. Facilitation also frees you to become an active participant without the planning or time management worries. 


Public Meeting/Forum

→ Raleigh Solar I (WV) Virtual Public Forum for Dakota Power Partners

→ Nichomus Run (NJ) Solar Virtual Public Forum for Dakota Power Partners

→ Heritage (NY) Wind Project Community Forum for Apex Clean Energy

→ Jayhawk (KS) Wind Project Community Forums for Apex Clean Energy

→ Neosho Ridge (KS) Wind Community Forum for Apex Clean Energy

→ Lighthouse (NY) Wind Project Community Forum for Apex Clean Energy 

→ Lincoln Land (IL) Wind Project Community Forum for Apex Clean Energy 

Strategic Planning

→ Cambria County Conservation District - facilitation for development of their 2020 5-year strategic plan

Jacobs Creek Watershed Association – ongoing strategic plan development 

→ Passing Go: The Road to Stronger Watershed Organizations - empowerment 

→ Governor Ridge’s 21st Century Environment Commission Report - priority teamwork and public participation  

→ Vision Boards – a 2.5-3.0 hour group workshop for individuals to create their own vision boards. Vision “boarding” helps you achieve your personal or business goals. The process enables you to create a clear vision of your hopes, dreams, ambitions, and goals. The Vision Board allows you to focus your efforts and reminds you of the things you consider important. The repeated visualization of the images on your Vision Board keeps them at the forefront of your mind. Your conscious and subconscious mind looks for ways to move you closer to your goals. Vision Boarding is a fun group activity and is a great end of year or 1st quarter project to reinforce those New Year’s Resolutions!

Information Sharing & Gathering Input

→ Stakeholder Roundtables for Pa DEP Deep Mine Safety to improve services

Multi-party Decision Making

→ Numerous cases pertaining to water and/or wetland resource impact permitting or corrective action involving applicants/permittees and state, federal and resource agencies.

Personal & Professional Development Training is skill building customizable training or coaching to address your needs or the needs of your team or organization in the area of communication, conflict management or leadership development. Skill building training is provided to: 

→ address high employee turner costing lost time and revenue
→ increase sales and client retention
→ decrease team, board or office friction
→ give everyone a voice at the table
→ open communication to increase productivity
→ resolve conflict at the earliest stages
→ empower your staff and
→ grow leaders within your organization



→ DISC Personality Style Profile and Coaching Session – take the guesswork out of interacting with others! Learn your DISC personality style and how to apply that knowledge to improve your interactions and communications with others. Download Flier

→ Understanding Your Personality or Communication Style Workshop – designed as either a full day or a 2-day workshop to improve work communication and interactions with clients or the public through understanding the model of human behavior and how to improve relationships and make strong connections. Download Flier

→ Divide the Room – looking for a way to physically engage a large group (30+) after a long session or meal and still incorporate communication training? Then this 1-hour to 1.5-hour session is a must! It is an exercise that helps you learn to speak 4 languages - DISC languages - to improve your understanding of communication with others and connecting with them. The session is loaded with “Aha!” moments and is great fun!

→ Interview with Confidence Coaching Program - increase your confidence and skill level in interviews to empower you to succeed.

→ Effective Public Speaking – 2 ½ - day onsite workshop with hands-on practice geared for those who fear public speaking or those who just want to improve existing skills. Limited to 10 attendees.

→ Effective Public Meeting and Public Hearing Workshop – 1-day onsite training to enhance your planning, implementation and follow-up skills.

→ Teaching with StyleKnowing what to say and how to say it. Learn your communication style, how to identify the style of your students and adapt to the style of your students to enhance learning.

→ Class at Work: Unlocking the potential of students. Gain: Rapport in student-teacher and parent-teacher relationships; Appreciation of your own teaching strengths; Insights into your students learning strengths; Excellence in building community.

→ I’m Still Glad That I Married You! – fun interactive full day workshop to enhance your marriage and build a stronger relationship by understanding the unique design of your personality style, as well as your spouse’s personality style.

Team Building

→ Team at Work: Your Guide for Greater Team Effectiveness – unlocking your team’s potential for better business and relationships. 

→ The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player – Becoming the kind of person every team wants – John C. Maxwell book and workshop. 

→ Leadership Game – looking for a way to unite your business or nonprofit team and forge stronger relationships? Let’s play the Leadership Game! It is a fun 2.5-hour team building board game also used as a needs assessment tool. Great conversation starter or board/team retreat activity. Download Flier

→ Team Building Activities – incorporated into other trainings or stand-alone activity, as requested. 

Conflict Management

→ Conflict Resolution at Work: Adapting Your Style to Create Better Relationships. Features: Identifying types of conflict; Understanding expectations; Looking at conflict responses; Negotiating strategies; Resolving differences. 

→ Essential Tools for Managing Conflict – full day or 2-day workshop with skill practice in listening, assertiveness, defining the issue and problem-solving steps. 

Leadership Development

→ Leadership Game – looking for a way to unite your business or nonprofit team and forge stronger relationships? Let’s play the Leadership Game! It is a fun 2.5-hour team building board game also used as a needs assessment tool. Great conversation starter or board/team retreat.  Download Flier

→ Leadership Success for Women – Full-day workshop designed to empower today’s professional women!

→ Certified John Maxwell Team Trainer - workshops based on the following books:

Everyone Communicates Few Connect
The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player
The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Developing the Leaders Around You

→ Leadership at Work 1: Becoming a Dynamic and Effective Leader – understanding behaviors and leadership styles. Key concepts for: effective leadership; building stronger teams; successful relationships.

→ Leadership at Work 2: Understanding Needs and Drives in Order to Become a More Effective Leader.

Teen Leadership Camp

→ Moxie Girl Camp LEAD – Empowering today’s teen girls to be tomorrow’s leaders. Designed as a 4-day summer camp program for girls ages 13-15, sponsors required for a camp in Uniontown, Fayette County area. Download Flier.

→ Camp LEAD - Empowering today’s teens to be tomorrow’s leaders. Designed as a 4-day summer camp program for co-eds ages 13-15, sponsors required for a camp in McMurray, Washington or Southpointe, Washington County area. 

Board Development

→ West Overton Museum & Village - facilitated a board self-evaluation assessment to improve their governance and performance. Board retreat planned to celebrate successes and discuss opportunities for continued improvement.

→ Succession Planning for Nonprofits - 1-day workshop to: define succession planning, identify 3 types of succession plans, learn roles, responsibilities & time-lines, practice developing key plan elements, discuss barriers to planning & remedies. Goal: to have attendees leave ready to champion the development of Succession Plans within their organizations. Conducted as the 2019 pre-conference certification class for Professional Recyclers of PA (PROP).

Alternative Dispute Resolution to assist in the resolution of multi-party environmental or agricultural disputes. Disputes can lead to lengthy and costly legal proceedings, unfavorable press coverage or negatively impact your credibility, reputation or organizational image. Alternative dispute resolution utilizing a neutral third party may assist you in reaching and implementing a mutually agreeable resolution. 


→ Environmental Issues
→ Agricultural Issues
→ Resource Impacts
→ Abandoned Mine Drainage
→ Restoration/Corrective Action