Facilitation of Constructive Dialogue

→ Public Meeting/Forum 
→ Strategic Planning  
→ Information Sharing 
→ Stakeholder Input 
→ Multi-party Decision Making

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Personal & Professional Development Training

→ Communication 
→ Team Building  
→ Conflict Management 
→ Leadership Development
→ Teen Leadership Camp

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

→ Environmental Issues
→ Agricultural Issues 
→ Resource Impacts 
→ Abandoned Mine Drainage 
→ Restoration/Corrective Action

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What is facilitation and what does a facilitator provide?

Facilitation means to enable, to make easy.

facilitator is a neutral party who designs a fair, inclusive and open process to balance participation and improve productivity while creating a safe environment in which all group members can fully participate. Facilitation provides support so all voices are heard and understood and is particularly helpful when dealing with controversial issues or matters involving multi-party decision making. The role of a facilitator is to help minimize wasted effort and dysfunctional group dynamics. A neutral facilitator enables groups and organizations to work more effectively, to collaborate and achieve synergy. 

Facilitation of Constructive Dialogue is to purposefully design and conduct multi-party, stakeholder or public meetings/sessions to achieve your objectives and accomplish your desired outcomes. Facilitation removes the discomfort, obstacles, dysfunctional behavior and overall heartburn commonly associated with preparing and conducting difficult meetings, information sharing for controversial projects/plans, large public forums, opinionated committee or work group meetings and stakeholder involvement roundtables. Facilitation also frees you to become an active participant without the planning or time management worries. 


Personal & Professional Development Training is skill building customizable training or coaching to address your needs or the needs of your team or organization in the area of communication, conflict management or leadership development. Skill building training is provided to: 

→ address high employee turner costing lost time and revenue
→ increase sales and client retention
→ decrease team, board or office friction
→ give everyone a voice at the table
→ open communication to increase productivity
→ resolve conflict at the earliest stages
→ empower your staff and
→ grow leaders within your organization


Alternative Dispute Resolution to assist in the resolution of multi-party environmental or agricultural disputes. Disputes can lead to lengthy and costly legal proceedings, unfavorable press coverage or negatively impact your credibility, reputation or organizational image. Alternative dispute resolution utilizing a neutral third party may assist you in reaching and implementing a mutually agreeable resolution. 


→ Environmental Issues
→ Agricultural Issues
→ Resource Impacts
→ Abandoned Mine Drainage
→ Restoration/Corrective Action