Who is COLEMAN-GRAHAM? What is its purpose or its “why”, as Simon Sinek would say?

COLEMAN-GRAHAM is me, Rita Coleman Graham, facilitator, trainer and environmental or agricultural dispute mediator. Over the course of a prior 35-year career with the PA Department of Environmental Protection I evolved into this position.  

The foundation for COLEMAN-GRAHAM began early on for me seizing opportunities to learn and grow as a way to challenge myself and help others in my agency deal with the never-ending conflict of our day-to-day jobs. Becoming a part-time Conflict Management instructor and a facilitator, providing services on a statewide as-needed basis, started my evolution. This fueled my desire to invest in myself and become a certified leadership development trainer and a DISC Model of Human Behavior trainer. 

Later, becoming a manager of a permitting and enforcement program with up to 30 staff gave me the ability to apply my technical skills along with my facilitation, communication and leadership development training. Conflict, opposition, multi-party coordination, time constraints, difficult meetings, settlement negotiations and the responsibility to develop leaders within my program were exhilarating challenges! In this, I found my passion, my “why”; empowering others to succeed! There is great personal reward in empowering others to achieve success.  

COLEMAN-GRAHAM, in its efforts to empower others to succeed, practices 4 core values in conducting business which are: 

  1. Teamwork – working together to understand your needs and to achieve your professional or organization goals 
  2. Empowerment – to provide the services you need to meet your current goals and enable you to continue to use your skills to meet future needs 
  3. Achievement – the end result or the desired outcome drives our interactions 
  4. Mentorship – a collaborative spirit to share expertise and past experiences in ways to positively impact others in their professional journey 

COLEMAN-GRAHAM exists today to assist you and your business or organization to succeed at your goals and do your best in today’s rapidly evolving environment. 

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Rita Coleman Graham

Effective communication, sound relationships, and teamwork create the framework for success. Equipped with experience in providing facilitation, training and alternative dispute resolution, I am eager to help you define and achieve your goals.

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